JMW Fabrication

Not your ordinary welding company.

Mobile welding and in house welding repair and fabrication. Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel, stairs, railing, on site welding, equipment repair.

Unique Projects

This is a collection of a few unique projects.


Shopping Cart Chairs

These were commissioned from an art gallery in Philadelphia. They wanted unique chairs fabricated from used shopping carts.  


Steel Flower

This is an example of the steel flowers I make for Valentines day. They will be available soon on Etsy. 


Off Road Walker

This was fabricated from a normal walker for my close friend. She had trouble getting to her garden so we put small bicycle tires on the front and made skis so it would go over dirt and rocks. 


Chain Table Lamp

This is a table lamp made from recycled forklift chain and a scrap piece of 6" channel. 

IMG_0193 (1).jpg

Steel Mobile

This is a spiral steel mobile that we made for a local artist. It was featured in the Greenwich Art Gala and is currently up for sale. 


Tool Bird

This was an animal that was made from a pair of pliers, some left over hardware, and turnings from threading a rod. It was donated for the Springfield Community Day.


Weather Vane

This was a stainless steel weather vane for a customer in bucks county. It was mounted on top of a cupola during a barn restoration. 


Scrap Dinosaur

This was a scrap dinosaur I made for a raffle at an art show. It features a pair of pliers for the body and self tapping screws for its spikes. 


Roof Ladder

This is one of a few ladders I made for the Wallington school district to access their new roof. They are hot dipped galvanized for maximum durability.