JMW Fabrication

Not your ordinary welding company.

Mobile welding and in house welding repair and fabrication. Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel, stairs, railing, on site welding, equipment repair.


56' F-100 Restoration

This was a bed restoration for local car collector. It was originally a tow truck but we converted to a pickup bed. 


We used 79' fenders but had to fix some rot that they had. They were fixed using patch panels and sanded smooth for a perfect blend that looked seamless. 


Bed Repair

The bed is originally from a 79' that had a wooded floor. We removed the floor and replaced it with 1/8" plate to add weight in the rear. All cross members were replaced with new tubing. New patch panels were bent and fabricated to replace the ones in front and behind the fenders. Holes from original fenders and accessories were welded closed and sanded smooth. Fenders were mounted after the bed was installed to establish new ride height and make sure the wheels sat perfect in the fenderwell.